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Is your website stuck in the past?

Sunday, November 21st, 2010

Many people and small business owners can answer this question – “It hasn’t changed in three years. It works, right? Why change it?”

Imagine saying the same thing about your clothing. Would you wear the same clothes every day for a month, or wear a suit and tie to your a BBQ rib eating contest? You would get strange looks at the office to say the least. Your website, marketing and branding¬† should refresh it’s visual look, and should be ready to adapt to look it’s best in every occasion.

“By 2011 more than 85% of handsets will be connected to the Internet”.

Just three years ago, the term ‘smartphone’ wasn’t widely used. In 2007 we all had phones that were simply that, phones. Fast forward three years – now there’s a smartphone in almost everyone’s pocket. Websites built three years ago don’t translate very well for mobile devices. This becomes important to your business for two reasons: 1) the user experience with your company will decrease if your website is slow to load on their phone, and 2) they will soon think more highly of your competition who does have a mobile version of their website that looks great, loads quickly and fits their smartphone screen perfectly.

The technology world changes rapidly, with all types of devices to browse the web. Technology that didn’t exist three years ago now play a major role in your ability to be a leader in your industry. You should always be looking ahead and making sure your business is ‘dressed for the occasion’.

- Grant