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Brewing With Care

Saturday, March 31st, 2012

This past fall we were lucky enough to connect with a group of people in Boone, Iowa who were building their own brewpub from scratch. We walked in to a nearly empty space with saw horses, extension cords and power drills strewn about. We instantly fell in love. The perfect location for central iowa’s next brewery and taphouse was going to be something built from the ground up. We love creating, and we love to be a part of the entire process from concept to finish.

Rick, Jon and the group showed us where the bar would be, how they envisioned the lights, the walls, the artwork, the atmostphere, and of course, the beer. They let us sample some of their award winning beer, and from that moment, we knew they’d be a success. This struck home with us because of their passion and dedication to quality. Their love of beer, the process, their new storefront and it really shows.

Boone Valley Brewing Web Design and Logo

We were lucky to be a part of the process in helping design a new logo and website to give the brewery it’s identity, both online and in-house through t-shirts, pint glasses, growlers and more. We love the opportunity to take a new and exciting idea, and turn it into something special and something memorable.

Boone Valley Brewing will open it’s doors on March 31st, 2012, and the website has officially launched today. Check out to find out more about this awesome new brewery in Boone, Iowa.