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New brochure and Halloween inspired logo design

Friday, November 16th, 2012

This past October we were asked to help out our friends at Three Chicks Bakery with two new design projects and we enthusiastically accepted.The first project was to design a brochure that would highlight their products, services and contact information.  The brochure had to be fun, colorful and informative.  Three Chicks Bakery spends hours meticulously working on their products and we wanted to give the same amount of attention to the brochure.  We wanted the brochure to appeal to both the younger and older generation, so we decided to use the board game “Candy Land” as our motivation.  The brochure opens up to a whole board game filled with custom illustrations.  Say goodbye to the Candy Cane Forest and say hello to the Cake-Pop Forest.

The second project was a lot of fun to work on as well.  Our task was to transform the Three Chicks Bakery logo and give it a Halloween theme, similar to what Google does on its homepage for special events and holidays.  We decided that each “chick” would have a different costume on.  The witch and mummy were classic and easy to come up with, but the third we chose a zombie, because, come on, zombies are so hot right now.

Three Chicks Bakery Halloween Logo